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Shijantsalu Holdings

Who Are We?

We're every small to large scale business' one stop shop, a comprehensive service provider aimed at equipping your business with all the relevant information and fundamental business tools to get ahead in any particular field.


What are we About?

We're in the business of helping businesses, small or large, by providing them with the services or products that allow them to focus on their trade.

  • Our Vision
    To better business processes and growth everywhere.
  • Our Mision
    To make available the services, products and resources that aid business people everywhere.

When you’re working toward something,
keeping your focus is much easier

Company Profile


We provide professional advice to individuals and organisations on specific subject relating to their particular fields.


In this we focus our consulting and service provision to the technological aspects of businesses large or small.


We engage in the systematic planning, implementing, monitoring and revision of a business' communication channels.


We also offer the service of, on behalf of businesses, finding, agreeing terms and acquiring goods, services or works from other sources.


We offer brokerage services to individuals and organisations requiring assistance in the investment industry


Our Associates include the following companies


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